Sunday, August 19, 2018

Odense Flower Festival 2018

The 19th Odense Flower Festival took place here in Odense Denmark on August 16-19, 2018. Regular readers of this blog will probably know what I am going to write next – so they can just skip the text and look at the photos, whereas new readers should read on.

Well, originally this annual flower festival started out as an exceptional flower fairy land with imaginative floral sculptures everywhere in the city centre, but as I have pointed out many times within the last five year or so, the magic has been replaced by greed. Odense Flower Festival is no longer about giving the visitors a look into the amazing world of flower art and sculptures, but about nursing schools selling as many flowers and plants as possible.

Each year we say to ourselves here in Odense, that by now the festival has hit rock bottom and that it won’t be able to get any worse, but every year it does! I don’t know how the ones arranging the festival manage to do it, but it gets more boring by the year.

It was no different this year where most of the exhibited items weren’t even flowers, but green plant, that were arranged in pots, in tires or on bicycles. The only floral sculptures that I was able to spot were the ones that the festival has recycled the past many years. At least the recycling of the floral sculptures fitted in with the theme, as the theme this year was “Cycling – Recycling”.

The most interesting exhibitions, like the two bicycle trees, could be found in Eventyrhaven (the Fairy Tale Garden), but other than that, the flower festival this year was a huge disappointment. Even the exhibition areas in the city centre had been heavily reduced.

For several years I have been boycotting the festival because I was so disappointed, and I think that’s what I’ll do again next year, and then only upload photos – and recycle my bad reviews! Enjoy the pics, though.

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