Saturday, January 09, 2016


My new short story collection ”Metanoia” is now available as e-book from Smashwords, and You’ll soon be able to purchase it from Apple iBooks, Baker & Taylor, Gardners, Inktera and Kobo too as well as WH Smith and Play in the UK, FNAC in France and Portugal, Feltrinelli in Italy, in the Netherlands, Collins, Bookworld and Angus & Robertson in Australia, Paper Plus in New Zealand, Indigo in Canada, Rakuten in Japan and the USA, Orbile in Mexico and Livraria Cultura in Brazil. The price is around $ 1.99 / £ 1.35, but it may vary a bit depending on the distributor.

The ten short stories in “Metanoia” deal with myths, death, love, regret and betrayal and they are set in my usual magic realistic universe where ghosts lurk, angels flock and men turn into scarecrows. Your guide through the ten stories is none other than Little Johnny Sleepwalker, the narrator of the story “Little Johnny Sleepwalker and the Mojo Hounds from Hell”. I’ve heard him described as “a hilarious, long lost bastard child of Uncle Creepy and Vampira” and he’ll be happy to grab you by the hand (or leg or any other body part within reach) and drag you through heaven and hell. And back, hopefully!

I wish you a happy, entertaining, disturbing, scary, fun and meta-magic trip with my Little Johnny Boy and you might as well enjoy the ride, because as Johnny would put it: you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t!


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