Monday, June 26, 2006

Hanne, Don and a sandwich!! Posted by Picasa

Slade and a bad back

Saturday I was going to the Slade-concert in Danish town Mørkøv. I met up with Don and Hanne and some Danish friends at the hotel in Holbæk and we had a lovely time together. Unfortunately my back is killing me at the moment. I slipped a disc when giving birth to Tea seven years ago, and by now it is almost impossible for me to live a normal life because of the pain. I'm not allowed to sit down for very long, I'm not allowed to carry anything or even to bend down, so it makes life a bit difficult. Wednesday I then learned that I'll probably have to have an operation in the back. But despite the pain it was really nice to get out, to chat with Don and Hanne and the rest and to attend yet another fine concert.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hanne and Don during sound check in Nordborg Posted by Picasa

Slade posing for the press Posted by Picasa

Another Slade-gig in Denmark

Slade did another gig in Denmark, this time at The Nord-Als Festival on June 10. The festival was beautifully situated at Nordborg Castle and Slade played the Park Stage with a wonderful view over a lake.
But it was sooo hectic! The guys had played in Holland the night before and they didn't have any sleep before going on stage in Denmark. They were delayed upon arrival, so the concert also had to be delayed. The concert itself was hilarious and a huge success. Not until after it was over did Don have the time to say hello to me. I then went to the castle with Hanne, Don and the rest of the band where we had a bit to eat, before they guys went home to sleep. Hectic but nice.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Me and Don backstage (c) Per Christensen Posted by Picasa

The mighty Don! Posted by Picasa

Slade in Denmark

Thursday Slade played the Sølund Festival here in Denmark. It's a festival for mentally handicapped people, the biggest one in Denmark, so they had an audience of 16,000! It was such a nice day and a great experience. My daughter Tea and I had a lot of fun and such a pleasant day hanging out with the band and with Hanne and Don in particular. Thanks as always, guys!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


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