Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Don and me outside The Trumpet, Bilston Posted by Picasa

A trip to England

Last week I went to England to meet up with Don and catch the gig that Slade did in his native town of Bilston. It was such a great trip. I met a lot of wonderful people, saw a lot of Slade-related "sights" with Don as the guide and had one heck of a time at the concert which was the best that I'd seen them do so far in their present line-up.
This was my first trip to the West Midlands, so I didn't just go to Bilston. I stayed at a hotel in the Wolverhampton City Centre and also went to Birmingham for a while. I actually liked what I got to see of Bilston, but I found Wolverhampton a strange town, totally dominated by the ring road. The small city centre looked as if time had passed it by for a couple of decades, but it has probably been a nice place once, although now it is a bit run down.
Birmingham I really liked, but I only got to see the centre of the city. To me it seemed like a cross between London and Copenhagen except for the really tacky Christmas decorations. Tacky or not, I enjoyed being in Birmingham, but that probably had something to do with meeting up with a close friend of mine there, and he's always exquisite company. Thanks a lot, luv!


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