Saturday, January 04, 2014

Books I read in 2013

Each January I make a list of the books I read the previous year and here is my list for 2013. In 2013 I read novels, non-fiction and manga in Danish, English, French and as something new: in Japanese! I still had to read most mangas in English translations, though, and I read a Dutch book in a Danish translation as well, because I couldn't get hold of the book in Dutch. Nothing in German this year. :-(

All in all I read more than 40 books in 2013 and several of them I wrote as well. "Look Wot I Dun" is the biography I wrote about Slade-drummer Don Powell and although our editor gave Don secondary author's credits for commercial reasons, Don didn't write anything in the book apart from the foreword, so the book is entirely my work. The biography is available both in a hardcover and an e-book version.

I had 2 other e-books published in 2013, namely the English translation of my Danish Peter Pan Ph.D. thesis "The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up Up - But Did" and the English translation of my very first Danish novel "Never Mind It". In my opinion this novel is one of the best novels I have ever written! Needless to say that I've translated both books myself.

The best books I read in 2013 (apart from my own of course, ha-ha!) were E. M. Forster's "Maurice" and Joe Hill's "Horns". Both have been made into films, but so far I've only seen "Maurice". Now I can't wait to see "Horns" with Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) in the leading role as Ig Perrish as Joe Hill's book really impressed me. After all, Hill IS the son of Stephen King!

Anyway, here's the list:

Baldwin; James: "Giovanni's Room"

Berthelsen, Anders: "Skibhusbogen"

Borberg, Jytte: "Loeslad kaptajnen"

Boyne, John: "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas"

Chabon, Michael: "Telegraph Avenue"

Cunningham, Michael: "By Nightfall"

Eken, Cecilie: "Sikkas Fortaelling"

Falkenberg, Lise Lyng and Don Powell: "Look Wot I Dun"

Falkenberg, Lise Lyng: "Never Mind It"

Falkenberg, Lise Lyng: "The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up - But Did"

Forster, E. M.: "Maurice"

Guillou, Jan: "Dandy"

Harbach, Chad: "The Art of Fielding"

Harvey, Andrew: "Burning Houses"

Hatori, Bisco: "Ouran High School Host Club" vol. 18

Hill, Joe: "Horns"

Hollinghurst, Alan; "The Swimming-Pool Library"

Irving, John: "In One Person"

Johnson-Woods, Toni (ed.): "Manga - An Anthology of Global and Cultural Perspective"

Kaaberboel, Lene: "Skyggeporten"

Kardy, Glenn & Chihiro Hattori: "Kana de Manga"

Kardy, Glenn & Chihiro Hattori: Kanji de Manga", vol. 1

Keyes, Marian: "Last Chance Saloon"

Lagermand, Tomas: "Forhud"

Leavitt: "Family Dancing"

Lyng; Ajatsa: "Jin Boys" vol. 2

Lyng, Ajatsa: "Jin Boys" vol. 3

Lyng Ajatsa: "Jin Boys" vol. 4

Murakami, Maki: "Gravitation" vol. 12

Nakamura, Shungiku: “Junjo Romantica” vol. 14

Nakamura, Shungiku: "Junjo Romantica" vol. 15

Oates, Joyce Carol: "Sexy"

Proulx, Annie: "Close Range. Wyoming Stories"

Rimbaud, Arthur: "Une Saison en Enfer"

Ringkoebing Amt: "Hardsyssels Aarbog, 1995"

Roché, Henri-Pierre: "Jules et Jim"

Rozier, Gilles: "Un amour sans résistance"

Sax, Aline: "Mellem to verdener" ("Wij, twee jongens")

Shakespeare, William: "Hamlet"

Teller, Janne: "Intet"

Wood, Bari & Jack Geasland: "Twins"

I've already started my 2014-list and hopefully it'll be as interesting as the one above. I just love books! How about you?


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