Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Me and Tea (with ear-plugs) at the Slade-concert (c) Per Christensen Posted by Picasa

Slade-gig near Skive

Last Saturday I went to a Slade-gig near Skive in Denmark. I brought my daughter Tea for the first time and she LOVED it!! She was amazed getting into the big, empty venue during sound-check. She danced and sang along during the concert. She caught one of Don's broken drumsticks, when he threw it out into the audience from stage. She proposed to Dave Hill in the dressing room and had her picture taken with him. And Don kissed her hand when we went home. She can't wait to go again! P.S. Her Mom had a great time, too. More on that on my Slade-blog.

Tea and Dave Hill Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Don and me Posted by Picasa

Yet another interview

Last week I went over to Don's to make yet another interview and some new pics. It was really great - and what a hilarious photo session! Thanks, Don and Hanne. I've just sent off the last of the pics to the Danish papers, so they should be out next week.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Don on stage, Boxing Day Posted by Picasa

Happy New Year

Well, now it's 2006 and we all dread or have high hopes about what the new year will bring. Have a happy one, all!
To me, after a real bum week up to Christmas, things turned out nicely. Christmas Eve it was just Tea and me and we had a good time. We celebrate Christmas that evening in Denmark, so Santa came by, and he was good to me this year as I got an excellent bow for my violin, some very sexy underwear and the most beautiful calendar consisting of 12 collages that my daughter had made. She has a real gift when it comes to visual arts.
Boxing Day was spent in the town of Herning in the company of Don, Hanne, Mikael and a lot of other nice people as the Team Theatre had agreed to lend their facilities to the yearly open mike/jam session-event. There was a lot of good music, and Don went on stage 3 times for about half a dozen songs all in all. It was great and such a nice night out in excellent company.
The 29th of December had Denmark totally covered with snow as we had a snow storm and New Year's Eve, well, what can I say, it turned out a lot different than expected, but also much more romantic. That really caught me off my guard, so now I have a lot of thinking to do!


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