Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Odense Flower Festival 2017

 As readers of this blog will know, within its now eight years of existence, Odense Flower Festival has transformed from being an exhibition of flower art and sculptures to a sales venue for nursing schools selling their flowers. This the eighth year was no exception.
The festival took place on August 17-20, 2017, and the theme was “What A Wonderful World”. This concept included “Urban Garden, Street Art and Sustainability” or at least it said so in the programme. Still, it was mostly just nursing schools selling their flowers!

I managed to find a few creative displays around town, mostly in the park Eventyrhaven (Fairytale Garden) which was part of the flower festival for the first time as many of the usual display areas were inaccessible, due to the very extensive work in town on the future light railway.
Luckily a Japanese cultural festival took place in the town hall at the same time as the flower festival, so I was lucky to see ikebana, origami, kimonos and much more in the hall and I even met my Japanese sensei Mimi, whom I hadn’t seen since April!

I didn’t get to see everything at the festival as my days of walking without the aid of elbow sticks/crutches are over, but at least I hope that the photos here will give you some idea of this year’s flower festival.


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