Sunday, September 15, 2013

Never Mind It

Peter is a writer in his late twenties who doesn't seem to be able to write something honest and personal. Although he has found the love of his life, he doesn't seem to be able to hold on to her either. In fact his entire life seems so absurd that it could as well have been thought up by a madman!

"Never Mind It" is a hilarious and ironic metatext, which the critics called a “Postmodern novel sparkling with narrative skills and the joy of storytelling" when in 1995 it was first published in my native language, Danish. Purposely and sarcastically it breaks every rule in writing, commenting on itself as a text and on other texts as well and testing the limits of literature. The contents of the novel is just as bizarre as its form, but behind the eccentric characters and their nonsensical problems, lies a story about love, honesty and the difficult task of expressing yourself as an author. It's crazy, it's funny and - hopefully! - deep.

I've translated the novel myself and it is available from Smashwords, and


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