Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tankens bager

The Danish indie band "Tankens bager" (the baker of thoughts), was founded in 2008 and last year they made a CD named "Tankens bager" too. It's an EP with six songs, all in Tankens bager's characteristic folk-pop style.
The songs on the EP are all more or less cut from the same cloth with traces of Danish folk-rock from the seventies. The songs are slow, dreamy, melancholy and very catchy and Claus Dencher's lead vocal reaches back to the Danish singer-songwriter sound of the seventies, subdued and sensitive. Mikkel Schacht-Petersen's lead guitar is both soft and sharp, Nicolai Dall Lorenzen's sax playful and the rhythm section consisting on Jesper Vang on bass and René Moeller Dehnfjeld on drums is a driving force, propelling the songs forward.

All songs are written by Claus Dencher except for "Laengsel" (Longing) that is written by Jesper Vang, and my favourite is probably "Redning" (Rescue) with its deep and somewhat droll lyrics. The lyrics to all of the songs are in Danish, by the way.

If you like poetic pop, this EP is a must. The only thing I'm not so keen on is that the songs end rather abruptly as if the band hasn't figured out yet how to end a song properly. But that's just a minor detail as all in all the EP "Tankens bager" is a little folk-pop gem.
For more info, you can visit the band's Facebook page:


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