Friday, January 06, 2012

Greatest Hits 1996-2011

 After 30 years of paper books, publishers and 15% royalties, it is finally here: my first ever indie ebook! It's called "Greatest Hits 1996-2011" and it's a celebration of my first fifteen years as a short story author.

"Greatest Hits 1996-2011" consists of my ten most popular short stories. The collection is formed like a literary Top 10 chart, counting down from number 10 to number 1. The short stories have been selected based on sales figures like in any other chart, and the selection has been made from stories previously published in Danish and English short story collections, anthologies and literary magazines.

The collection includes "The Blackbird", "Bigal's Nasty Café", "The Smiling Skeleton" and the literary novella "Mooncalf". It takes you on a journey into my trademark magic realism universe populated by rusty rock stars, faithless lovers, ghosts and goddesses, where tall tales of empathy, prejudice, love and death unfold in the encounter between reality and paranormality. Hopefully you'll feel well entertained on the journey to places like Manhattan, Hell and Copenhagen - and a bit wiser afterwards, too!

"Greatest Hits 1996-2011" is available here through Smashwords and on Amazon.

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