Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hiya all! Hope you got safely into 2010. Well, December was it usual busy self with Christmas parties, Christmas shopping and Christmas stress. At least I got to spend 5 more or less relaxing days in the Midlands, first with Slade, then with the BF.
I met up with Don on December 10th at the hotel in Wolverhampton and together we went to Slade’s concert in Bilston the same evening. Good seeing so many of my British friends again and good spending a little time with the band. The next day I went to Brum for my check-up and it seems that my back has stabilised for now, which means I’ll probably have 5 years or more where it isn’t gonna be worse than it is now. Yay! The rest of the weekend was spent in Brum, London and Sutton with the BF and we had a lot of fun.
Back home in Denmark I went to Christmas parties with Tea at her dance academy and swim club and then finally we were ready for Christmas. My friend Mette came by on the 23th, my sister and her husband on the 24th and then Tea and I just relaxed during the Christmas days, that is: I had to babysit for 24 hours on Boxing Day!
New Year’s was quite peaceful, although a house a few blocks away burned down. As for now I’m just looking forward to getting back to normal. How about you?


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