Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ten Things I Did This Summer

While reading the blog “Ten Things to do before Summer Ends” by my writer colleague A.J. Llewellyn, I couldn’t help but sigh. You see, here in Denmark summer ended officially two weeks ago. It made me a little depressed, as A.J. had listed so many great things to do, but then I came to think of what I’d done myself this summer. Hmm, not bad. So I decided to come up with my own list: “Ten Things I Did This Summer”:

10. Stayed in bed in the nude for an entire weekend with somebody very special. Yes, you know who you are!
9. Went for a swim in a tropical water park. Hot enough for skinny dipping, but sadly it wasn’t allowed.
8. Watched the moonlight and the bats (!!) with someone I love. I have bats in my garden and they’re so cute to watch, especially if you make yourself comfortable w. candlelight and cooled white wine on a blanket.
7. Went to see a free summer concert, or rather three free music festivals! One in Denmark with my sister, one in England with my boyfriend and one in France with my daughter. Not bad, eh?
6. Got hugged in public by seven celebrities I always wanted to meet (or at least some of them!), namely Tom Baker, Chris Sarandon, Oliver Phelps, James Phelps, Danny John-Jules, Michael Keating and Don Powell. Okay, Don doesn’t really count, does he, as we’ve been pals for ages, but he’s still a celebrity, isn’t he? If we extend the summer to go back to late May, I can even put 4 more names on the list, but that would be cheating, I guess. I also had to drop off some photos I had borrowed from scriptwriter Andrew Birkin, by the way.
5. Brunch with my oldest and dearest mate. Nothing beats that. Girls talk, toast and tea. Lovely.
4. Went to the cinema and ended up snogging like teenagers. Well, we saw a bit of the movie as well, so I guess I lose a little points on that!
3. Had a young guy whistle after me in the street, well, actually I had three (in their early twenties). Trust me on this one, it does wonders for your self-esteem!
2. Watched and applauded a sunrise. I watched several sunsets as well, but they always make me depressed (don’t know why, but it has been like that ever since I was a child), so I seldom applaud them.
1. Had sex in the middle of the day – outside. In a rooftop garden. In London. Mmm…

When I looked through my list, I felt a little better. I mean, I hadn’t even added the great art museums, I had visited, the hilarious trip to Disneyland Paris, the film festival, the outings with my daughter etc. etc.
I realised that the memories of things done are often better that the anticipation of things to do. So: Aloha oe, A.J., I hope you get to do your stuff before the summer ends, and that of course goes for the rest of you as well!


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