Monday, April 10, 2006

An art exhibition

Saturday I went to an art exhibition in the town of Nyborg. I was to review the exhibition and as I knew one of the artists it was also a nice opportunity to meet up with her and her husband. I had Tea with me and it was important to me that she got along with Ida and Johnannes, whom she had never met before. You see, Tea and I are Hindus, and Johannes is a teacher of meditation so he is to give Tea her mantra in May. Luckily Tea took an instant liking to him, she even made him a drawing with stars and hearts.
I had hoped we could stay on a bit in Nyborg, so I could show Tea the castle and the harbour, but it was raining cats and dogs, so we decided to go back home directly after the exhibition. Too bad, but at least it was nice meeting Ida and Johannes again. By the way, the painting above is not by Ida, but by one of the other artists, Kirsten Svenstrup. It was Tea's favourite painting at the exhibition.

The Shape of Water

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