Thursday, November 17, 2005

The DR achives

Last week I went to the Danish National Television DR to see what they'd got on Slade in their archives. I'd asked Don and Hanne to join me and in the end Mikael Helmuth of the Team Theatre wished to come along as well. It was quite an outing, although the archives didn't hold as much footage as promised. One live performance from the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, Germany, 1981, they didn't have after all, another live performance from Danish TV turned out to be one from Top Of The Pops and finally two of their videos were the same, namely "My Friend Stan". We had a nice time anyway, although it was a long drive. Well, at least we got to get more or less lost in the long corridors of the TV station and we also had a nice lunch in their cafeteria.
I really enjoyed myself and when I came home that night, the house was still standing, although my sister was to look after Tea for the very first time. My sister is not very keen on children, but Tea had solved the problem by visiting a girlfriend who lives a little further down the road. So it was only my sister who was there when I got home.
Anyway, I had a great day, guys. See you soon.

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