Friday, October 28, 2005


Lately I've been doing a lot of video- and DVD-editing and it has been great getting back to that. About 10 years ago I attended a media-school where I learned how to make TV and videos. It was such a lot of fun. I especially remember two things with fondness. One was my whole class doing a documentary about a travelling fun fair. I've always been a sucker for fun fairs, so it was Paradise to me. Above you see a photo of me recording for the documentary, carrying the script in my pocket. The other thing that I enjoyed was working with the local punk band "Ride the Naked Fish". They were my pet-project and I did a couple of promo videos for them as well as a lot of press photos and articles. They were wonderful guys to work with and I still keep in touch with them. Below you see a press photo that I made of them.

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