The Emperor's New Clothes

This evening Tea had her "début" in her first big theatre performance. At school they'd put up a theatre version of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Emperor's New Clothes" where Tea played a lady in waiting. I hardly recognised her when she got on stage!! Her hair had been done in an elaborate hair-do and with the make-up and costume she looked like a very coy rococo lady. She had several lines, some rather difficult, but she managed and she remembered all her cues. Even when she had to fetch the orb and sceptre for the Emperor. When she had delivered the items on a red velvet cushion, she made the most exquisite curtsy, a short, seducing bob of her own invention. It wasn't in the script, but as she said later on, that was what that particular lady in waiting would have done. She was perfectly right. The play is to be performed again tomorrow.

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