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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Build Me a Bridge

 My new novel "Build Me a Bridge" is now available from Smashwords. It is a psychological novel about interdependence, age, love and murder.

Identical twins, Adrian and Charles Lewis, have reached success with their heavy rock band, Pan’s Revenge, but their world is shaken when death and love enter their lives. Emotional insecurities, fear, prejudice and an elusive killer threaten to tear the brothers apart. In the end they have to recognise the disturbing truth about their interdependence.

“Build Me a Bridge” gives an insight into the British music industry and at the same time it is a murder mystery and a story about love’s many faces. The three layers of story are told by each of the twins as well as their bodyguard and the use of three narrators gives the reader an opportunity to explore the different layers of the story from different perspectives and with different insights.


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